Among the Moss and ZION AUDIO presents : Moss Spree

When two families from deep forest meet – it is time for magic.

This gathering is born from the powerful love for Psychedelic Forest and Mountains.
Inspired by mystic atmosphere of Forest. Invited by birds singing. Touched by harmony of Mountains. And connected with branches and roots of celtic tree of life.

This is the gathering of psychedelic community for stepping into another dimension, called Home.

We welcome all families to gather together and share the light, wisdom and joy.
Shared values, shared ideas, shared dreams and ambitions makes us all one.

The Energy and Vibe we are going to create, will show the secret path to the moment of NOW.

ॐ Oogway (Zion Audio) – GE

ॐ Katana (Zion Audio) – GE

 Ellarge – GE

ॐ Eldario Bhanishta Ganesh Puri – RU

ॐ Acidwave (Treebal) – GE

ॐ Kaya Matu (Agaraki) – GE

ॐ Tabu (Agaraki) – GE

Deco: Among the Moss