One can name Batumi as one of the oldest cities in Georgia dating back to the fourth century BC. The city’s name is derived from the Greek word for deep meaning. Aristotle and Pliny named this place Pontus Bathea. During the Old Testament, the city was used to carry out active business relations with neighbors and distant countries. During the reign of the Hardyanus of the Roman Emperor, there was also a military camp in the current territory of Batumi.
The city has always had very favorable weather conditions and is strategically important. From the eighteenth century, the Ottoman domination shone on Batumi, after the war that took place between Russia and Turkey between 1877 and 1878, according to the Berlin treaty, Batumi was declared an integral part of Georgia.
Between 1878 and 1886, the Batumi port was declared Porto Franco or the Free Port. After the construction of the Baku-Batumi railway system in 1883, the reconstruction of the Batumi port and its connection to Baku via pipelines in 1897-1907 was carried out. Caspian oil products are transported to other countries from these lines. In the years 1918 and 1920, this city was ruled by the Ottomans and the British, respectively.

Geographic location and city info

  • Batumi can be named as the second largest city in Georgia, the port most often used for commercial and tourism connections through the country. Batumi is located in the southwestern part of Georgia and on the Black Sea coast in a semi-tropical region close to the Caucasus Mountains and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape composed of palm trees and high mountains. A popular tourist destination that can be called a seaside resort in the warm seasons and a beautiful tourist destination in the winter. The charming and loving mix of old buildings dating back to the nineteenth century with modern hotels and modern skyscrapers created a magical image in this amazing city. Batumi hosts a huge flood of prominent performances by DJs and great concerts. Hence, you will have a very energetic and uplifting nightlife program. This port of the Black Sea annually welcomes a wide range of visitors from all over the world.

Why batomy ?

  • Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia.
  • In this coastal city, there are a lot of advanced features.
  • Batumi is the  most important harbor in the country.
  • Good weather and diverse urban recreation are another reason for traveling to Batumi.

Important Knowledge about Batumi

Some of the points that you have to know before traveling to the city of Batumi and are interesting and practical:

The language of Batumi : Georgian

Currency in Batumi: Georgian Lari , every 1 Lari is about 1,337 USD.

Clock with Iran: 30 minutes ahead of Iran.

Batumi population: During the last census in 2011, the city’s population has been estimated at 125,800.

Security in Batumi: Batumi is a safe city, in which the crime rate is very low and according to the indicators, loneliness security is high during the night.

The economic situation in Batumi: Batumi’s main revenue comes from tourism. Of course, since this city is the most important harbor in Georgia, industries like shipbuilding, food processing and light industry are also contributing to Batumi’s revenue.

Souvenir of Batumi city: Kantasi (a horn drink bowl) featuring gold and silver engraving, handmade knives, papaki: a kind of large woolen hats and handmade textiles.

Batumi Health Status: Health and medical facilities outside the cities of Batumi and Tbilisi are facing a lot of shortages. It is also good to know that they will receive cash in most cases in the city of Batumi, the hospital and the doctor before performing and providing services.

Continuing Education in Batumi: There are several valid universities in Batumi, including the BAU, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi Technical University, and the State and Batumi Maritime Academy.

Batumi friend cities: Arak in Iran, Savannah in America, Burgas in Bulgaria, Vanadzor in Armenia, Barra and Verona in Italy, Yalova in Turkey and …

Occasions and Events

1- Batumi Classic Music Festival

The Batumi Classical Music Festival is held annually in May with the presence of the most prominent musicians in the world at Batumi. A festival dedicated to discovering new talent and promoting. Classical music is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Organization for the Protection of Monuments, Education, and the Organization of Culture and Sports of Aharistan. The director and director of the festival is Elizabeth Bolkvadze, a well-known pianist. The festival will take a few days.


2- Black Sea Jazz International Festival

Since 2007, Batumi has hosted the Black Sea Jazz International Festival in July, an international and attractive festival for art and music enthusiasts. The Oriental Development Organization has the task of planning and directing the festival. The festival is usually held on the Batumi Tennis Ground, where the most popular singers and jazz bands are featured and create flashy moments for guests. This program will usually be held in a few days.

3- International Cycling Festival

Batumi hosts more than 400 cyclists from different countries each year in August and during the International Cycling Festival. The starting point of the festival is usually near the court of the courthouse. Several cycling competitions are held at this festival, awarding winners with  cash prizes. This fascinating festival is supported and sponsored by the Aucame Traveler Biartour, the National Sports Federation of Georgia, the Batumi Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation in Aharistan.


4- Batumi International Bird Festival

The Batumi International Battle Festival is an important event that will be held in Afghanistan from 2012 every year in September. Each year, Batumi hosts a huge flood of foreign visitors and birds enthusiasts at the time of the festival. A festival hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation in the region of Aharistan. Part of the festival includes theme conferences and bird tours in different locations, guided and guided by domestic and international experts.

Batumi Tourist Attractions

1. botanical dolphin park

2.Batumi Boulevard

3.Batumi Botanical Garden

4. Batumi Trap

5.the beautiful Piazza Square

6. Visit the European Square

7. the Alphabet Tower

8. Ali and Nino’s building

9. the Park 6 May

10. the Batumi Aquarium

11. Bike tour in the city

12. Art Museum of Adjara